Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gorilla sketches + ideas for Cornelius character

As promised, here are a few sketches of gorillas that I did based on the photos in the previous post.
Click on an image to view in large

As well as studying the anatomy and facial characteristics of gorillas, I have been considering various types of character that Cornelius could be, which would be completely original and unlike anything anyone else in our group is doing.

Cornelius is described in the brief as "middle-aged" and also as "civilised and sensible"; this character's key quality is that he is an observer and he has an enlightened view of the humans that come into the zoo each day.

One of the ideas that I had pondered for this character fairly early on was to portray him as an old hippie character, as I imagine him to be quite easy going, but also very philosophical. He is also fairly old, so he has probably been through the hippie movement and has carried that ideology with him into the present day.

I have looked around the internet for images of hippies to reference. Click on an image to view in large

I have also some images religious figures and symbolism, because the hippie movement tapped into many religious beliefs including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca and many others. These could be used to shape the look of Cornelius.
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And finally, here are some early character designs I have done of Cornelius, I am still working on various designs for this character.
Click on an image to view in large
Cornelius is described in the brief a down-to-earth character and the most sensible occupant of the zoo. Therefore, I must make sure that I do not make him too eccentric, as these key qualities will be lost. An old hippie character seems like it could be quite easy to portray as eccentric, so I need to try and find some kind of middle ground.

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