Schedule + Checklist


Here are all the deadlines that I have planned out across November and December.

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Here is the checklist of what I have already completed for the project and what still needs to be done.  Every stage in the project that I complete shall be marked with [X]

  • Research [X]
    • Gorillas [X]
    • Sketches of Gorillas [X]
    • Hippies [X]
    • Apply hippie characteristics to Gorillas [X]
    • Claymation to inform Cornelius' style [X]
  • Character Design [X]
  • Character Template; front and profile for modelling in Maya [X]
  • Modelling [X]
  • Blend shapes [X]
  • Rigging [X]
  • Set Driver Keys [X]
    • Facial controls [X]
    • Hand Controls [X]
  • Texturing [X]
    • Design and produce patterns for Cornelius' clothing in Photoshop [X]
    • Learn about UV Mapping [X]
    • Online Tutorials [X]
    • Course Tutors [X]
    • UV Mapping in Maya [X]
    • Texture Cornelius' clothing [X]
  • Posing [X]
  • Rendering [X]
  • 3D Printing [X]