Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cornelius' t-shirt + specs

The first stage of Cornelius' texturing was to create the texture for Cornelius' clothes.  I started with his t-shirt, which is supposed to have a tie dye effect, which is popular with the hippie culture.  I looked for various tutorials for making tie die in Photoshop, and I came across this one on deviantArt.

The tutorial stated that it was helps if the stripes are perfectly straight, but I decided for mine to make it a bit more loose.
The next step was to apply a Polar Coordinates distort, and here is how mine came out.
It still has the quite jerky but free handed effect.  I then applied the twirl and spherise effects to give it the spiralling effect.
The next stage was to create a new layer and draw in the tapering strokes.  Mine weren't as perfect in the tutorial, but then again, I used a mouse rather than a graphics tablet.  I then needed to apply a Gaussian blur and here is the outcome.
As a finishing touch for mine, I applied a peace symbol.
The next step was to apply this to Cornelius' t-shirt.  I opened the Cornelius model up in Maya and I selected his t-shirt.  In Hypershade, I created a basic lambert texture, which I assigned to the t-shirt.  I linked my newly created lambert to the tye dye image that I had just created.

At first, the image was severely stretched and distorted and nothing like what I required.  I tried playing around with various UVs from the Create UVs menu, 
I then found that when I selected the Spherical Mapping, that the image fit around the t-shirt much better and now it was just a matter of adjusting the UVs.

I am pretty much still a novice when it comes to UV mapping but I am picking things up as I go along.
I adjusted the UVs so that the peace symbol was quite firmly in the centre and so that the patter which originates on the front of the t-shirt continues on to the sleeves.

Here is how Cornelius looks with his tye dye t-shirt.  Looks a little different from the initial sketches that I did but I'm still pleased with it.
While I was at it, I did Cornelius' glasses, the lenses just have blinn textures which have been assigned ramp shaders and a little transparency.  The frame is also a blinn which just has a yellowish brown texture assigned.
I also put in a cylindrical ramp shader for the eyes, simple black and white texturing.

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